Glabella Botox

Botox treatment on glabella is done in order to correct the wrinkled area due to use of excessive mimicry, frowning and various reasons. The special toxin produced for fine needles and botox is injected into the deformed area. Thus, a younger and aesthetic appearance is intended.

With eyebrow botox, wrinkles and lines are removed.

Botox method is one of the most popular botox applications. Because there are certain regions on the human face. Among these, the fastest wrinkling region is glabella, between the eyebrows. This is also called frown. It may be uncomfortable because of giving an irritated appearance.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows can begin at an early age. This may be due to the frequent use of eyebrow movements or weakness of muscles in the region. The muscles in that area may weaken over time because of frequent contractions. If it cannot return to its former state after contractions, this condition is reflected in the skin as wrinkles. The solution of this is the glabella botox method.

How is glabella botox performed?

Those who have problems with wrinkles between the eyebrows need preliminary information about the application. The first question that comes to mind is how the application will be done, how long it will last and how effective it will be. The reason why these subjects are curious is that both health and wrinkled images creating a hard expression.

“With the botox treatment on the glabella, the hard and irritable appearance that occurs on the face is destroyed.”

Wrinkles between the eyebrow mid-botox process and the eyebrows are removed.

Glabella Botox Application Steps: The area to be operated is analyzed. It is decided from which angles and how much substance will be injected. Numbing cream is applied to the region where the application is made. A special toxin product for botox is injected into the wrinkled area between the two eyebrows for glabella botox. Needles used to inject the toxin substance are extremely thin. During the application, almost no pain or mild pain can be felt. This pain sensation by people who experience it is defined as fly bites.

Purpose of the Application: The purpose of the application is to take muscles under control. After this application, the contraction of the muscles is prevented. As a result, the muscles remain fixed. This eliminates wrinkles and prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

In the Botox procedure, the muscles that cannot be relaxed as they contract over time can be loosened. It is one of the most preferred applications due to easy application. The operation between the eyebrows can also be performed in combination with the forehead.

Condition of the Patient after Botox Between Botox

When applying glabella botox, the person’s wrinkle level is considered. In other words, the number of wrinkles may determine the dose and application. In addition, if hollows and deep wrinkles are noticed between the eyebrows during the operation, filling may be required. The person who will decide all this is your doctor.

“It is an effective solution for removing fine lines that form due to frowns.”

After the application, the person can return to normal life. Only minor rashes may occur in the forehead area. This is due to needles. The effects may vary from person to person. Cold compresses are recommended for comfortable post-treatment.

What is the duration of glabella botox?

You can start to see effects within 2 weeks after you have done botox on the lines between the eyebrows. This period may be reduced to 1 week, but a maximum of 2 weeks. In the next 4 months you will continue to benefit from the process. After 4 months have elapsed, the effect gradually decreases. At a maximum of 6 months, the effect ends completely. It is the person’s decision to repeat the procedure at the end of this period. However, experts recommend that the procedure be repeated at the end of 6 months for a longer period of time.

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